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Denisha Johnson LLC is proud to announce it will now do business as Journey to Wellness. Journey to Wellness encompasses Denisha's personal journey of entrepreneurial growth, the business moving from a solo to a group practice, and Denisha's reinvigorated passion for training upcoming clinicians to provide excellent service to the community. Most importantly, Journey to Wellness is the goal that we strive for with all of our clients. This logo and name reminds us all that wellness is an on-going journey that we walk throughout life. As long as we continue to move forward, we are practicing success and making a personal commitment to ourselves to continue to walk along this journey. Please visit to meet the staff of Journey to Wellness.


Please meet Denisha Johnson Hamilton, LCSW

Denisha Johnson Hamilton (formerly Denisha Johnson) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that can work with many issues and ages. Denisha is well versed in dealing with issues of trauma, attachment disorder, anxiety, depression, gender/sexuality issues, as well as a variety of other issues that impact children, teenagers, and adults. Denisha’s philosophy to therapy: “Life is a journey and any impact I can have on helping a person through that journey is an honor and a privilege. I aim to help people understand and accept themselves, and move towards the life they deserve”.


Denisha is proud to have won 

Posh Seven's Best Counselor 

f or Kids in 2016


Services Offered

Traditional Mental Health Therapy

Denisha offers individual, family, couples, and group therapy. You, along with your therapist, will determine the best person and course of treatment for you. At this time, all services are provided virtually.

Public Speaking

Denisha is a skilled public speaker. Denisha has spoken on topics related to suicide, depression, healthcare, and a variety of other issues at a variety of forums. 

Other Ways to Stay Connected 

Denisha also offers teletherapy for those who are unable to come into the office. This allows you to receive the treatment you desire without the hassle of traffic. 

Contact me to find out how I can help you!

1 (703) 957-8681

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